my policy

MY Policy


Thank you for booking an appointment with me. 

Here is my policy to best accommodate you and me. 


I begin my service with a consultation and with that I set a price.  Prices listed are 'starting prices' and may increase when more product use, time, or detailed work is required. 


As a specialist, I value my expertise.  The time and energy I put forth are to help educate you on how to manage your hair and provide you with the best service possible. 

I’m a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years, which means I know everything there is to know about hair which is important.


•    If you are not satisfied with the nature of the services, please notify me within two weeks of your visit and ill do my best to accommodate you as best as possible.

•    I have reserved time especially for you. So please schedule your appointments accordingly. If cancellation is necessary, please notify me within a minimum of 12 hours before the date to prevent inconveniencing others.

•    Please be on time for your appointment so that we can maintain the flow of the day.  If you foresee that you may be late, please call right away. I'll try to accommodate you as best as possible. 

•    Once you book your appointment, you’ll receive an email confirmation.    

•    As of now, I accept cash and Paypal.

Thank you for viewing and supporting my policies criteria.  I'll love to hear any suggestions or comments you have that will enable me to serve you better.