Hair elasticity

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

 Elasticity is the measure of how much the hair can stretch and then return to its original state. Healthy hair when wet will stretch about 50% of its actual length then return to its normal length without breaking. There are 3 types of hair elasticity.  Low, normal and high.  Normal and hight elastic hair is easily styled using rollers, twist and fingers etc and hair with low elasticity cant hold a curl or style long enough.  Also, it seems dry and brittle. Elasticity test:  The best way to test your elasticity is to check 4 different sections of the hair.  Take a section of hair while it's still wet with your fingertips and stretch it and release it.  If the hair bounces back to its original length then you have normal to high elasticity.  If the hair breaks or losses its curl pattern then you have low elasticity.