Hair products

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The most common questions I've been asked is always about products... and I understand why. Products are the most critical factor to this whole hair thing.  So how do you choose the right products? It's not easy to know what works best for you unless you try it.  But where do you begin? For starters, you need to determine what curl type and hair condition you have first?  Our hair texture comes in so many varieties of curls it’s almost impossible to label it.  But thankfully there's a chart with curl patterns to choose from.  Click on the above navigation "What's my curl type" and "Hair condition" you'll find some clarity. The best way to match your curls to what's on the chart is to: First, wet the hair, or even better, shampoo and condition the hair to remove all of the heavy products or build up.   Once the hair is clean, go to the mirror and play in your hair.  Move the curls around.  You'll notice the different patterns there.  Some may be loose curls while others are tight. Water shrinks the texture so that help with identifying the curls. Have you ever noticed the back of your nape have loose curls while the center of the crown is kinkier?  Or the other way around?  Sometimes it's do to genetics while other times it's how you manage you hair.  The only way to know is by using the right products and learning to maintain it. Why are products important? Products are essential because It helps keep the formation of the curls, protects the hair strands, and feed the scalp.  Without products, you can't expect your hair to be at its best.  It's like bathing without soap and not moisturizing the skin after.   It's crucial to choose non-toxic products because whatever you put on your skin seeps through the paws which can, of course, infect the body health.     If you find that you are having a difficult time finding your curl pattern on the chart or the condition of your hair, then go to a hair specialist and ask for a consultation.  It will help you understand the overall health of your hair and scalp.