Hair Texture

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

What is coarse hair? Coarse hair determines how thick each hair strand is not how tightly curly. Most Asians and red naturally red hair people have coarse hair.  This hair type is like wire.  It’s sometimes resistant to styles.  It can be frizzy and at time feels rough.  The diameter of coarse hair is largest of all textures.  Because of that, it tends to repel moisture and the ends tend to be dry.

What is fine hair? Fine hair determines how thin each hair strand is on the head not the number of hairs on your scalp.  People with fine hair usually have more hair on their scalp than any other hair.  Each strand has an oil gland attached so fine hair tends to get oily and limp quickly depending on the texture.  Since the strands are so thin, it can break easily when being combed.  It usually lacks volume for some, which makes the scalp easily visible through the hair.