Is it important to shampoo my hair ?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Shampoo Shampoo is a hair cleanser.  Its job is to strip the hair and to clean it, but there are shampoos that are gentle on the hair.  It will remove debris, dirt and buildup but maintain the natural oils in the hair.  For some hair types thats important.  It all depends on the ingredients.   We often hear about harsh chemical in the shampoos like Sulfates.  But did you know there are several types of sulfates?  Some specialist say that some sulfates are not as harmful as we are told and it's necessary to use it in order to remove all of the buildup on the hair.     What is Sulfates?   Sulfates are chemicals used as a cleansing agent .  They are surfactants, detergents and emulsifiers.  You can find them in many cleaning supplies that you use to clean your home or wash your clothes with.  There are several types of sulfates that are found in hair products. 

  1. Sodium lauryl sulfate 

  2. Sodium laureth sulfate 

  3. Ammonium laureth or lauryl sulfate

  4. Alkylbenzene sulfonate

  5. Ammonium or sodium xylenesulfonate

  6. Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate

  7. TEA-dodecylbenzenesulfonate 

  8. Sodium cocoyl sarcosinate

  9. Ethyl PEG-15 cocamine sulfate

  10. Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate

Sodium Lauryl sulfaye and Sodium laureth sulfates are the most commonly known.  There are over 150 different names they go by. Sometimes its difficult to determine if your products contains sulfates if you don't know what you're looking for.  I myself get confused and i'm a professional. The other names are

  1. Sodium dodecyl Sulfate

  2. Sulphuric Acid

  3. Sodium salt sulfaric acid 

  4. Sodium salt

The reason sulfates are used is to create suds that help break down oils and buildup and hard minerals and to remove it easily.  These detergents are considered Surfactants.   What is Surfactants? surfactant səˈfakt(ə)nt/Submit noun It's a cleansing agent that helps bind hard minerals together and allows the water to remove them easily.   What are some issues associated with using sulfates? Some common issues are; Eye irritation Dry hair Scalp irritation Exzema, psoriasis It is said that when its absorbs into the body, it mimics the activity of the hormones oestrogen and may be the cause of women having cancer.When the body absorbs anything you put on it, it can be worst than if you consumed it.  When you eat something, the stomach enzymes in your saliva and stomach helps to break down the chemicals and flush them out of your body.   When you put them directly on your skin, they are absorbed directly into your blood stream without any filters which travels to the organs thus causes health issues.   *Scientist has not done research long enough to determine if Sulfates are really that harmful to the health but its good to be safe than sorry* 
There are several types of shampoos: Clarifying shampoos:  This gets rid of build up and environmental pollutants from the hair. Moisturizing shampoos: This contain humectants that attract moisture from the air and into the hair. Conditioning shampoo: It cleanses but leave the oils and moisture for dry, brittle, and over processed hair. Medicated shampoos: This is used to treat scalp diseases. Detoxifying shampoo: This gets rid of everything in the hair including oils. Conditioners 
Conditioners are a necessary agent for your best hair experience. They’re needed to add back the Moisture, vitamins and natural elements that have been removed from the hair. Conditioner should be applied every time you shampoo your hair, especially if the shampoo is a cleansing or detoxifying shampoo. And also if the hair is in bad shape  Types of conditioner: Leave-in conditioners: Its used to apply moisture to the hair after regular conditioning and before using any styling products. Deep conditioners: It's especially useful to restore the hair to a healthy condition if it has been color treated or over processed. Deep penetrating conditioner or restructuring conditioner is used for dry or over-processed hair once a month or every two weeks, depending on the condition of the hair. Herbal treatments: This is used to aid in scalp restoration and feed hair follicles to restore the strength of the hair. Steam treatments: Steam is a great way to hydrate the hair to its healthy state using a highly moisturizing agent.  It helps the hair to absorb and retain lost moisture.  It's the quickest way to bring the hair back to its healthiest state.