Products per hair types

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Here are a list of natural hair product on the market that are safe for your hair.

The list of products and its benefits for the different hair types is not 100% factual for everyone.  You must experiment and see what your hair likes in order to determine what works best for you.  Some people like to use several products together.  This is based on my own personal experience with using these products on clients.

  1. Shea moistre                               Best for 3c-4c hair types                                 

  2. Jane carter solution                      Best for 2a-4c Hair types

  3. kinky curly                                  Best for 2a-3c Hair types

  4. Taaliyah Wajiid                             Best for 3c-4c hair types

  5. Mane chioce                                 Best for all hair types

  6. Curly chocolate                            Best for 2a-3c hair types                  

  7. As i am                                       Best for 2c-4c hair types

  8. Carols Daughter                           Best for all hair types

  9. Ouidad                                        Best for all hair types

  10. Miss jessie's                                 Best for 2a-3c hair types