Take your time with changing your diet

So many people are changing their diets and lifestyle these days but during

the process they have become hard on themselves. I find people compare

themselves to others that are either vegetarian, vegan or raw which makes

it difficult for them to focus on their own needs and progress.

No one living and breathing today are in perfect health. Most products on

the market today are contaminated with something toxic. Even if these

healthy people are eating right, do they use toxic products like nail polish,

drink alcohol, or perfume? Everyone is using something that is not 100%

safe. What people need to be is real and true to themselves. We as humans

are constantly evolving. What matters the most is the effort that is put into

bettering ourselves.

If you eat pork, beef, chicken, you shouldn’t try to

eliminate everything all at once, it should be a step by step process.

Eliminating everything at once can cause you challenges, physically as well

as emotionally. Listen to your body and take your time.