The scalp (epidermis)

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

 The scalp is the most neglected and the most important part of the head.

The scientific name is called the epidermis. The scalp is responsible for maintaining balance for the hair to grow healthy and long.  

I find most people have issues with maintaining a healthy scalp.  For instance, So many people believe that they have just simple Dandruff.  But you should ask what is the real cause of dryness?  

 Scalp dryness can be because of lack of balance of the body or some other factor.  For instance,  If you're taking prescription drugs, unhealthy diet, unclean implements, have product buildup, and scalp negligence, these are many things that can cause the scalp to be affected and infected.  

The scalp is responsible for giving life to beautiful hair. It’s crucial to pay as much attention to the scalp as much as the hair.