Essential oils

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Essential oils are good for the scalp and hair because they act as healing agents for many skin diseases and also as hair growth stimulator. They are distilled from the aromatic leave bark and roots of flowers and plants. 

Essential oils are also used as aromatherapy.  When inhaled or applied to the skin, the molecules of the oil influence the nervous system and brain areas (such as the limbic system).  It affects the hormones, brain chemicals, metabolism, and other body functions.

Essential oils also has many health properties.  Not only is it used for relaxation and aroma, it can sooth and even cure  some skin diseases and allergies.   *Please consult your dermatologist before using it to heal any skin condition*

  The best way to use it is to dilute it with a carrier oil.  DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY ON THE SKIN unless directed since it's highly concentrated and can irritate the skin.  When you inhale it, its best to apply it on cotton swabs or balls.  *If you are pregnant, consult your before using an essential oil*.