There are many hair tools that are sold in the hair store, but how do you know which are the best ones to use for your hair type?  Here are some tools that are safe to use on curly hair.


This comb is a detangling comb.  It's great for detangling from the shortest finest hair to long thick hair. My experience with working with this tool on 4 type curl patterns is the best.  It work well for removing knots.  It's great for combing the hair from root to end without breaking the hair. Note: It’s easier to use on someone than to use on your self.


This Comb is a styling come.  It's used to part and braid, twist, etc.  After detangling the hair with a detangling comb or brush, then you style the hair using this comb.


This is a parting comb.  I wouldn't recommend using this to comb out curls since it will definitely break the hair, but if you would like a precise part, then this is the best comb for that.


This is a edges brush.  After styling the hair, this brush or even a toothbrush is perfect for laying down those edges using edge control.


This is a pick comb.  This is used to style an afro or to pick up the roots only for a twist out style.

This is called the Falisha Leatherwood brush.  It's similar to the denmann brush.  Its a detangling brush that's best to detangle the hair while it's wet.  It can be used on all curl types.  It's also great for styling the hair by defining the curls for a wash and go style.


This is a twist comb.  It's mostly used to create coil twist or as we say comb twist.  It’s also used to start locks.


This is a Denman brush.  I recommend detangling the hair with this brush depending on your hair curl type.  If your hair is tightly coiled, then this brush may not be the best.  Try it and see if it works.  If you find that a lot of hair is shedding then stop immediately.  Otherwise, this brush is awesome for defining the curls when styling the hair for a wash and go.


This is a paddle brush.  This is used to smooth out the hair after the hair is blown out.  Also, it's used to brush out wigs and weaves.  Do not use to blow out the hair, it will break the curls.


This is a double bristle brush.  This is best used to slick the hair when creating a smooth bun or ponytail. It's best to use while the hair is damp or wet.


This is a twist sponge.  This is used to create free forming twist effect for short natural afros.


This is a latch hook.  This is used to style crochet braids and also for interlocking locks new growth.


This is a crochet needle used to lock straight hair.  It's called the instant lock technique.

It’s important to use the right tools in order to achieve the style you desire. Great success!